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I've herx'ed once so far, and I'm not looking forward to a repeat performance. I was crippled for several days. It started at 3am, about 3 weeks after starting amoxycillin. I awoke in such pain that there were tears streaming down my face. I kept trying to go back to sleep, but the dreams were odd, and when I was awake I was hallucinating and having strange thoughts. In the morning, I couldn't even lift my head off the pillow. My neck was stiff. I couldn't move it side to side. I was intensely bothered by light. I couldn't get comfortable laying down. I ended up spending almost a week crippled up in a recliner, surrounded by pillows with joint and muscle pain. I became severely suicidal, and felt as if I was going insane. I was dillusional, and moody. I had pins and needles sensation in my arms and legs, and muscle spasms in my thighs and upper arms. I felt completely disconnected from my life before herx'ing. It was like my life before was a distant dream. I could not remember anything. A commercial would come on, and I couldn't remember what television show was on.

Herx is hell.

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