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Hi everyone,
I'm new. The more I read, the more I think my "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome"/"FM" could be Lymes Disease. In 1991 I was a real estate agent with 3 small kids, getting ready to start a mort. company and litterally dropped!!! I always needed a lot of sleep. But, this was unbelievable. I be out of breath and have to rest 1/2 way just walking to the bathroom 15 ft. away. People would stand over me and say, "snap out of it", or "if I had all you had, I'd be dancing in the rain"....If I knew what part of my body to snap I sure would do it. I slept for 2 years. I couldn't lift my arm to see what time it was. It was like I died inside....and all that was left was the shell. Well I slowly came out of it enough to put 2-3 days together. To make a really long story short. I did regain most of my strength. Had every test known to man. I'm taking an antidepressant, ritilin & thyroid meds. Started working in an office in 2001; then last July....the pain started creaping in....much worse that last time. I went on 1/2 time at work then in Sept; stopped working altogether. The phrases "you don't look sick", etc. kicked in once again. I am soooo scared I'm in a spiral again. Any advice from anyone about what to to is greatly appreciated. I live in SC but WILL travel; just wondering if anyone knows the best way to go about being tested.
Thanks a Bunch
Tammy :wave:

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