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Dear Ekim,

Haven't heard anything from you lately on Dr. Zhang's protocol. Are you still following it along with the antibiotics or are you just back to the meds? We were all so hopeful for you and still want it to work out. Your comments about everybody having lyme to me is kind of scary because when they tried to tell me that I had MS it seemed the same way. Everybody had it and I started to refer to it as the designer disease. I just hope people aren't falling into that trap and because they don't know what their problem is they call it lyme. If that's the case it will make it that much harder for the true lymies to get help. God, I hope it isn't going to be the next AIDS except then we will certainly get the world's attention. I just hate to think of that many people suffering like we have for as long as we have. Time will tell!
Hope you and Mrs Ekim are doing okay, think of you often. Can't imagine 2 people in a family dealing with this. I don't think I want to have sex any more, my husband couldn't handle all I have been through. He even admits it.
Yes I am still doing Zhang's treatment but it dosn't seem to hold back the disease. Had to go back to antibiotics or I was in big trouble...

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