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Hi all. Talked to Dr. Jones' office today and Mark has an Igg 31 positive now and only equivocal for Igm bands. 31 is very positive and doc says that one is very autoimmune related. Causes joint pain and eye inflammation specifically--Mark's biggest problems have always been these. Most frequent I should say. Still cannot sit indian style at all--hurts his hips.

ANyway--the drug that he is adding to the biaxina dn omnicef is Plaquenil at 100mg per day. The rest is still the same. They told me he would probably herx--maybe badly like when he started taking the biaxin all at once. Anything you all could tell me in your personal experience w/ the plaquenil would be helpful. You know me, I'll research it anyway--but wanted to know what you guys experienced with it--as far as effects and side effects.

Thanks in advance!!All is ok here--as well as can be expected when it's a month on Sunday that husband/father left us--but we are hanging in there. Really hope I can hang in and be strong if Marky has a bad herx coming. I know I can--I'll come here for support and venting if I feel overwhelmed--right? I know you guys will hang with me. Take care and I'll talk to you guys later. -_Laurie

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