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HI CJ, I feel like sitting here and crying into my computer. I hate to sound like such a wimp, but I have just spent 6 hours on the computer and phone without success trying to locate a Kenneth Singleton, MD in either Baltimore or Washington, DC; right after 5 PM I did get a number in Towson and will try that number again during business hours in the morning. None were in Washington when I called 411; maybe it is Bethesda or another city near Washington. Do you have Singleton's middle initial? There are several Kenneth Singleton's listed (middle initial B, D, and W) on a physician computer search list which I tried. Tinker was recommended by a Harvard medical email newsletter. She/he (?) said Singleton is in Maryland and treats lyme disease well. I am new to locating info on a computer and I have watched my friend go down hill for 6 years, spend countless hours and dollars on trying to find diagnosis and treatment. Maybe I just need to get a fresh start in the morning. I am going to try to get the book "Everything You Need to Know About Lyme Disease" by Karen Vanderhoff (I think that is the name I saw somewhere on this HealthBoard). I am very scared because the symptoms are so debilitating and you can't locate help being so weak and sleepy a lot of the day. This friend has been there for me in very hard times and I am trying to do the same for him. Sorry to be so upset. Thank you for any help. Maybe Singleton's middle initial?

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