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Anyone knowof a LLMD in Kansas City? Thanks
:wave: suz9601,
I saw DR Crist in Springfield, Missouri. Wonderful man and DR.
~P :)
Thanks Gottagetbetter.

Are you any better now? Sure hope so.
:wave: suz9601,

I have decided at this time not to do antibitics right now. I have been on a detox program for this month and probably for at least the next month. I am still not sure about the antibiotics for me. I think everyone's healing is different and we should listen to our bodies. When my face went numb that really scared me and showed me I am not ready for antibiotics. Not to say that I won't use them in the future.

I am doing much better. I am trying to accomplish a mind, body and spirit harmony. Have you read the book "Beating Lyme Disease with Alternative Medicine and God-designed living". It is an AWESOME book. Will help you detox and look at ll aspects of your life. Wishing you well on your healing journey!!
~P :)

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