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Dear takemylife,

I am so intrigued by your research in a quest to get rid of this horrible disease. I looked for you on the info status thread and couldn't find any posts but did find that you were in the marines and a body builder. Am I correct? I only ask because I need to probably adjust, or maybe not, what I would do if I were to follow your protocol.

Of course we were all fascinated by your turnabout after using cat's claw. Also somewhat horrified by your first couple of weeks with it. It is totally amazing to me how little I knew about diseases and even the human body until lyme. I still feel I only know a small amount of what I should or as my father used to say "just enough to get you into trouble".

I am going to send your thread about the effects of cat's claw and your very insightful thread on what you think is really the problem to my homeopathic doctor. I'm sure he will agree with you 100%. I say this because the first time I visited him he put this large magnet either on my stomach or back, can't remember which, and told me that my intestines were clogged like 90%. He gave me Red Clover and some other stuff for it. My first impression was this guy is weird but the more I got to know him I realized he's quite smart.

I feel he was on the right track without even knowing it and that was before I discovered it was lyme. When the neurologist insisted that I had MS and my eye went out after 2 valtrex he couldn't believe the neurologist doused me with 1,000 mg of solu-medrol (steroids) and wouldn't even consider it a reaction to the valtrex. The homeopathic doctor's philosophy is you treat the root of the problem not the symptoms. It doesn't matter whether it's a headache or a major disease. In fact when I found an article while sitting in his waiting room that valtrex can cause vision problems in rare instances, he ripped it out of the magazine and told me to take it to the neurologist. If the neurologist had only listened to me I never would have gotten as sick as I am because the steroids killed my immune system when I needed it most and started to effect my right side which had never had a problem. Now it's even weaker than the left.

I have to admit that nothing the homeopathic or accupuncture doctor gave me ever made me sick like traditional meds sometimes do. Probably because they are natural products.

Anyway I would like to tell him what you did with the cat's claw, the amount and for how long so he can adjust it to my size and age which is about 5 1/2'
and 118 lbs and 57 years old female. Maybe the dosage would be the same regardless of the info but don't know. I also would like to tell him what you are doing now that you are off the cat's claw. You did feel the cat's claw was the beginning of your healing didn't you? I'm not sure supplements will get the result you have gotten without that initial push but who knows? If at all possible I would love to give this info to my homeopathic so he can agree that this would be a good plan for me or adjust it accordingly. Do you mind sharing this info? I know that what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another but I'm sure he would be able to tell.

I got into a site on samento and was quite impressed with all the knowledge especially concerning it and lyme. Of course they felt you should take it for 8 months or so. I believe that is what dorkdad and his wife are looking at with their homeopathic doctor's advice. It talked about a trial where 28 people had lyme, 14 took antibiotics and 14 took samento. Three of the antibiotic patient got slightly better, 3 stayed the same and 8 got worse. The samento people every one got better and after testing 12 showed no lyme in blood tests. Does this sound too incredible to be true? By the way the test was for 6 months. They were also tying lyme to CFS too with good results. Also did you just research this yourself or did a doctor point you in this direction? I don't know whether to stop the Doxy or continue when on your protocol either. I guess he will know that too.

I know in the grand scheme of things after 9 weeks of Rocephin and 6 of Doxy I probably shouldn't be feeling as bad as I do but then people on here tell me that's a good thing too. So confusing. If we could just get me straightened out I feel that the hormones that he claims are a problem would fall into place too. I'm probably screwed up in more ways than one and all it will take is to start the ball rolling and things will fall into place. I can hope anyway, can't I?

So if you can and don't mind I would love to know exactly what you have done and what you are taking now. I know there are a lot of brands of stuff out there but obviously what you are taking is working. I do know after research that the cat's claw should be TOA free but that's about it. I told you I went back on an Alpha Max 10x concentratethat he gave me a few years ago that has a mix of protein, vit A, calcium, alfalfa leaf and alfalfa concentrate leaf. I don't know maybe even just this small change is attacking the bacteria and that's why I feel so bad. If that's the case more is better, right? If I remember correctly you are at least taking vegetable and fruit capsules? I do have to say this, my husband has had hemherroids (sp)
for years and after just a week on these there gone or at least are not giving him a problem anymore. I guess these changes in diet can fix a lot!

To be hoonest with you I always felt we ate pretty healthy. No smoking or alcohol, no fast food unless traveling and a home cooked meal just about every night. Lots of veggies and some fruit but I guess somewhere along the way the stress I was under took hold and screwed up the immune system. I need to straighten that out. Thanks for your help and continued health, even if only one of us has a positive change it'd be great! The longer it lasts (hopefully forever) the more hope we all have and a direction to go in. Again I hope you don't mind sharing and I'm not being intrusive. I was starting down this path but you are so far ahead of me.

Also sorry for the length but you know me. I should be an author. I know I would be able to write many sequels.


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