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Ok this is a new one for me...the side of my tongue is hurting - the back right side - I mean a lot of pain. My throat is hurting too - no white marks so I don't think strep.

I do feel like I am starting to enter herx land...

Anyone else experience this? My tongue feels like it has been severly burned or weird...the pain is like a dull throb almost and I am having problems swallowing - more like I won't be able to when I do...

Thanks for any info.

Ladies :wave: ,
Weird that this conversdation happens this week. I woke up this mornin' with the right side of my tongue(back) feels like an ulcer on the back of the tongue/throat and attached to the gland in the throat/neck. I have this flair up every so ofter. I thought I had dealt witha situation last night but come to find out I just suppressed it :nono: . Guess I just buried it down. Gosh, I hate this!!

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