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Ok this is a new one for me...the side of my tongue is hurting - the back right side - I mean a lot of pain. My throat is hurting too - no white marks so I don't think strep.

I do feel like I am starting to enter herx land...

Anyone else experience this? My tongue feels like it has been severly burned or weird...the pain is like a dull throb almost and I am having problems swallowing - more like I won't be able to when I do...

Thanks for any info.

This is a strong, previlant symptom of Sjogren's Syndrome that people complain about. Reason I know this is b/c they thought Mark had this and Telvock was Dx w/it before Lyme. It is autoimmune.

Mark has had these symptoms in the beginning/middle of his undx period. He has a strong band 31 which Dr. Jones says is very suggestive of autoimmune triggers from the Lyme. Mark has had such strong Sjs symptoms at times--not being able to swallow, very dry mouth and eyes, and a burned tongue feeling.

All turned out to be Lyme--and has gone away with treatment. You could just be doing that herx thing with new weird symptoms that pop up. But oh yeah, I have not only heard of this, but experienced it and talked to many with the same.

I would watch closely and take some benadryl if you can stand it today. Helps with that a lot. Also you can get some Biotine mouth rinse which seems to help some. Careful with toothpast or any other mouth wash as it makes it worse and burns.
Thanks for the info. Laurie. It is miserable I must say - the tongue just really feels like I am one of those cartoon characters and my tongue was pulled real hard out of my mouth.

I looked up Sjorgren's syndrome and the only strange thing that doesn't seem to apply to me is that I am salivating a lot too which is the opposite of what they say - they claim it is a drying out of mouth and eyes. Although maybe it is my mouth drying out and that is why I am salivating.

This just stinks! I am so tired of all of this. Anyway thanks for the info. ;)
I have that too this week! I thought I was getting a cancker soar on my tongue!!!!
How are your tongues today ladies???
Mine is a little better. I kind of forgot that I burned my mouth on Friday when I went out to lunch. It was a vegetarian restaurant and I was eating a spinach wrap that had been heated. I bit into the inside and OUCH. It rolled around my mouth under my tongue and on top.

I forgot about it and I think what is going on is that healing is different know. Very swollen and painful. Getting better though. I swished with Salt Water last night.

I was going through my medical records and getting them organized into a binder and saw that Dr. J's did test me for Sjouren's Syndrome and I came back negative of course that was in September so things could have changed. I am praying that is not what I am dealing with...I don't want to add any more to my plate.

Thanks for the info. Laurie and the Concern ;) I hope you are having a great morning!
The only true test for Sjs is a lip biopsy. The rest is clinical for dry eye, mouth sores, dry mouth, somtimes neuropathy, etc. Where does your band 31 stand?
Band 31 was equivocal both in IgM and IgG antibodies...
Ladies :wave: ,
Weird that this conversdation happens this week. I woke up this mornin' with the right side of my tongue(back) feels like an ulcer on the back of the tongue/throat and attached to the gland in the throat/neck. I have this flair up every so ofter. I thought I had dealt witha situation last night but come to find out I just suppressed it :nono: . Guess I just buried it down. Gosh, I hate this!!
That is weird that we are all having this problem the same week! Mine is still hurting like He** today.

I hope you all get better. I find the salt water rinses help. :wave:
I get the 'soar tongue' thing allllll the time.
Definetely helps to gargel with REALLY HOT salt water

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