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Mine is a little better. I kind of forgot that I burned my mouth on Friday when I went out to lunch. It was a vegetarian restaurant and I was eating a spinach wrap that had been heated. I bit into the inside and OUCH. It rolled around my mouth under my tongue and on top.

I forgot about it and I think what is going on is that healing is different know. Very swollen and painful. Getting better though. I swished with Salt Water last night.

I was going through my medical records and getting them organized into a binder and saw that Dr. J's did test me for Sjouren's Syndrome and I came back negative of course that was in September so things could have changed. I am praying that is not what I am dealing with...I don't want to add any more to my plate.

Thanks for the info. Laurie and the Concern ;) I hope you are having a great morning!

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