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Thanks for the quick reply. I feel a bit better this afternoon. Strange, but my dizziness/panic/anxiety seems worse in the morning.

I've been to my GP's again last week and he has started me on 200mg of Doxycycline (AB's) just in case this is Lyme.

The strangest symptom I'm getting over the last couple of days is a numb toungue/mouth. I'm not quite sure which - I think toungue. It lasted a couple of hours and has only just disappeared now since I've eaten. This is a strange new symptom. Could this be a side effect of the Doxy? I've also started taking Amytriptyline 10mg nightly for pain/sleep.

The good news is I'm getting a sleep study done in the next few weeks. I've had to wait months for a Neuro app't to set this up!

My GP isn't Lyme literate and I'm worried that 2 weeks of 200mg Doxy isn't going to be enough to kill this thing if it is Lyme! I'm in the UK.

--- *** Does anyone know of any Lyme literate Docs in UK? ** ---

Here's a recap of all my latest symptoms. I feel like I'm going mad, but I know I'm not (if that makes sense ?!?!). I'm the one who lives with these symptoms daily. Doctors CANNOT and WONT be allowed to pack me off to a psychiatrist. At the end of the day Antidepressants just mask symptoms and don't cure any underlying disease process. I know I am ILL !!!

Recap of my symptoms.

Waking up 06:00 every morning with broken sleep (neither awake/asleep from 6am - strange thoughts run through mind automatically)
Vivid dreams and nightmares every night
Random Episodic Anxiety (cannot approach people any more)
Random Episodic Panic Attacks (unrelated to anything)
Random Episodic Depression
Crying outbusts for no reason
Extremely sore neck and shoulders (worse when in bed)
Sore Leg calf muscles and knee cap joints (worse at rest)
Legs feel light but can still walk (2 miles a day!), goto work etc.
Burning Eyes but no redness in eyeballs
Puffy Eyes (outer corners very sore and go red if touched)
Hoarse voice (loss of lower ranges)
Discolored phlegm (sputum) - worse when lying horizontal
Tinnitus (worse on left side) - also failed Caloric test on this side but hearing -near normal. Possible Vestibular damage/CNS damage?
Dizziness (not vertigo)
Carpal Tunnel (mild)
Clumsiness (bumping into door posts)
Short term memory loss
Face fullness episodic jaw pressure (gets worse with stress)
Forehead pressure (gets worse with stress)
pressure behind top of nose (worse with stress)
Random short headaches
Neck pain/forehead pressure worse when lying down with pressure on back of head.
Intolerence to Antidepressants of SSRI kind (can tolorate Tricyclics but dont do anything)
Nasal openings swell and extremely painfull to touch for days (one sided)
Post nasal drip
Periodic Belching
Periodic Excessive Flatulance
Cant walk into large buildings (mall's, supermarkets etc)
Cant tolerate excessive loud noise
Jaw clenches tight shut and then opens (split second) when trying to sleep (I actually have physical teeth damage because of this!)
Drugged, light bodied feeling
Normally red throat/hoarse voice has becomes SORE last couple of days.
Numb toungue (or roof of mouth - not sure which)

Current medication & Vitamins
Amytriptyline - 10mg nightly
Doxycycline (200 mg morning/night)
Natural Adrenal Supplimentation
High EPA fish oil
Probiotic drink every morning

Current State of mind
- MRI says I have a brain (reassuring !!)

Current Mood
- Fed up! and getting worse by the day!

- Sense of humour
Warped and getting worse by the day!

Take Care,


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