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Hi MLetters - I am sorry about your symptoms. No fun!

I can tell you that I have had the rectal bleeding from an internal hemmroid that was found upon a colonoscopy - I never had this problem until I got lyme, ehrlichia, and babesia.

The numb tongue I have had numerous times but in conjunction with migraines where I have visual auras too. I get this weird numbness that will literally jump from my hands to my face then into my mouth - my gums and tongue go numb and even my throat once. That was strange and scary.

I will say after 6 months of antibiotic therapy I am getting so much better. The rectal bleeding is few and far between.

200 mg of doxy is not enough. You need to find an LLMD who knows what they are doing. Here Ticker often says between 300-500 mg of doxy or is it 300-600 mg...I don't remember is the ideal dosage for doxy if fighting tick borne illness. You need to see an LLMD who knows how to dose you. For instance mine has me on two different antibiotics at attack lyme intercelluarly and outercelluarly then flagyl pulsed to attack the cysts.

Take care and keep us posted. Hang in there - this will not last forever if you see an LLMD who knows what they are doing.

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