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Hello all,
Not sure where on here I should really be posting this. I am a 36 yr old female, I have had "vague" disassociated symptoms for several yrs. I grew up in Hunterdon county NJ and had many tick bites through those yrs but never remember having any rashes with them.
My sister and her Hubby both have Lyme and were diagnosed long while back, both are in what I guess is a remission. Sis has told me for yrs that I need tested. However, I felt that it was not neccessary as I didn't fell THAT bad, now I do feel THAT bad.
Many of my symptoms come and go, so not sure if they would be associated with Lyme or not. So here is a list:

Intermittent(not daily):
tripping over nothing
ringing in ears
extreme neck, shoulder pain
nerve problems in left shoulder, arm and hand due to neck trouble
constipation or diahrea
depression(no help from drug therapy though)
mood swings
hip and knee pain
headaches(worst ones radiate from neck problem)
visual disturbances
itches that can't be scratched
used to get frequent yeast infections
night sweats
cold chills
fullness in ears
external earpain(when I lay down on it)
sometimes over sensitive to noise
sometimes don't hear well, but maybe that is the concentration thing
crackling noises when I move my neck(not cracking, but crackling)
extreme sensitivity to heat and cold

extreme fatigue(some days worse than others)
neck pain
muscle twitches in either arms, legs or eyes
difficulty concentrating
difficulty finding the right words or names(very hard as I teach part time)
crave sugar all the time
general feeling of blah
lack of motivation

Most recent:
intermittent sore throat, feeling like something is stuck on back of tongue,comes and leaves within hrs.

blushing that I am unaware of

Left sided jaw pain, tingling numbness on left side of face and in neck, this was so bad it caused me to go to the ER resulting in a hospital stay. They thought I might be having a heart attack. Not so all tests fine, including stress test. My Dr diagnosed trigeminal nueralgia, nuerologist says Atypical Facial pain and has ordered a bunch of test for connective tissue disorders.

Have had tests for thyroid and diabetes numerous times, all are normal, also have had MRI for the jaw thing, that too is normal.

There are probably other symptoms I have forgotten. Anytime I have seen the Dr for fatigue etc they say it is my age, stress, depression etc. This is really effecting my quality of life and my family. Is this really all in my head? I have started to feel like some kind of nutty hypochondriac. Any ideas? Thanks so much. :confused:

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