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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that this combo of Biaxin, Omnicef, and Plaquenil seems to be working really, really great for Mark. He is going like gangbusters these days.

Playing baseball for LONG practices, and the coach thinks he is going to be catcher this year. Apparently, this year, it is a BIG position so he is excited about it.

I was worried with that position--(I mean picture the long squatting involved) his hips and knees couldn't take it. Practice has gone well, and so far, no pain at all! Even the other kid's shoulders are killing them from throwing and Mark's isn't!!

Dr. Jones thought the plaquenil may do the trick with the joint stuff and it seems to be going really well. Watching for any eye problems, so far so good. I knwo some of you have some problems with your hips, (SW) have you tried the plaquenil?

Herx was a bout a week and a helf ago, and it was three days, not so bad at all. Only missed one day of school, and had a rough two more, but was able to stay after I brought him some food for upset tummy.

He seems SO much happier these days too. Doesn't want to go with Dad, but I think it's cuz he doesn't want to be away from me. He's cleaning for me, helping me take out the trash, being my little man.

We are all hanging in there, and doing well considering everything. I am supposed to go out tomorrow night with a friend, so hope that pans out. We have been very busy, which helps. Tonight we are going to watch idol, and Shreck II, so should be fun. Hope everyone is doing well, and thanks SO much for all your prayers and thoughts of us. --Laurie

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