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Responding to Amber29 from 04-04-2005:
I printed out your enthusiastic message the same day you posted it intending to get back quicker. When my wife is not doing well, I find myself shying away from other people's pain and difficulties. It has been a tough 2 weeks waiting for the Samento to kick in. So ,I hope you see this. In resposne to your questions since you lived in Portland from 89-93, I was born and raised here living on the east side of town. My 30+ military affiliation has taken me many places around the world, confirming that Portland is the permanent place for me. So I am well familiar with Beaverton. Our naturopath is Dr Satiya Ambrose near Damsacus, Oregon. You have some similarities to my wife's condition although you are much younger. She had her gall bladder removed 4 years ago. She has had severe anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. Menopause seemed to worsen symptoms plus a hyperactive thyroid wrought nit's own misery. Which causes which? The hotflashes keep her awake at night adding to the chronoic fatigue. Then there is the post traumatic thing which I won't go into but is definately a player. BUT the good news is that she had 2 nights in a row of decent sleep hoping for a third---first time in years this has happened. She tried Lorazepam (generic for Ativan) an anti anxiety pill which for some reason is stopping her hot flashes and aiding sleep. There is a naturopathioc product similar to this which she wants to try after consulting Dr Ambrose. My wife finds that Samento makes her woozy and has cut back from 5 drops 3x daily to 2 drops 3x daily. Portland has a Naturopathic College which may be able to refer local family to an LLMD in Beaverton if needed. We used the college to have our blood tested for Lymes. My wife had been tested for Lymes with the ELISA test (negative) but showed up positive with the Quantitative Rapid Identification Of Borrelia burgdorferi (QRIBb) test administered thru the College by the Bowen Research and Training Instsitute. It was recommended by Dr Ambrose and tests for Borrelia, Babesia, and Erlichia. Personnally I take 10 drops 3x daily of TOA-free Samanto and essentailly feel normal with none of the dramatic symptoms that so many others report---confusing but greatful.

I've read your postings for the past 2 weeks. What an exciting and amazing day it will be when you are well.....


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