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Dear dorkdad,

I read with interest the threads you and Amber send back and forth and like I did with her I encourage you to keep it up because it gives the rest of us the inside look at another approach. I am still on the colloidal silver (2 weeks) and stop on Saturday so the homeopathic will get a true reading with his magnets when I visit him on Tuesday. I don't understand his approach but it has worked in the past for finding out what is good or bad for me and what is or isn't working. We just never knew we were looking at lyme so never got to follow thru on the proper treatment.

I am glad to hear that you are doing well and hope that your wife is starting to see improvement. I think that the sleep she has been missing is contributing to the problem. I know she is taking something for anxiety but I hope it is the samento finally kicking in with her that allowed 2 good nights of sleep. Hope last night was a third good night. That was one of the first things that happened when I was on the Rocephin IV. Blessed sleep after 4 years of about 3 hours a night. And I just can't sleep during the day. I sometimes wonder how I continue to stand. :confused: Of course when they had to pull the IV because of liver problems it was back to no sleep because the Doxy just isn't cutting it.
I have started to sleep some since going on the colloidal silver though. When I go Tuesday I don't know if the doc will keep me on it or change to samento.

I tied into the Nutramedix site and it was very informative. Some of the testimonials make you want to say that it is the only way to go especially if you have had this a long time. Boy the guy from the UK's story just blew me away. It sounds like it could take a while but if you are progressing that's okay. What I didn't understand though was all the people saying they would take this the rest of their lives. Does your doctor say this is necessary? I am so glad that ekim is getting better but hate the thought that he will take antibiotics forever maybe. :eek: Of course this may just be their own preference and maybe at a lower dose just because of all they have been through. Is it your understanding that the samento actually kills the lyme bacteria?

I don't know if either you or Amber have documented what you have gone through so far on the samento but think it would be beneficial to the rest of us in case we decide to add this to our regimens. Not necessarily a day to day thing but just what you experienced fromboth your experiences and your wife's. And also Amber would tell us hers. It would be nice to see if you had the same reactions at the same time.

I am so happy you are seeing results and hope this is the start for your wife. I don't think you have been on this for too long so that's encouraging. I think your wife and I are about the same age (57) so we are also being hit with some of the same female problems too which makes it doubly difficult.
What is that old saying "life's a ***** and then you die". I refuse to buy into that and look forward to getting better. Hang in there and check in and let us know your steps with the samento whether they are forward or backward.
We can atke it and will also learn from it.

betterdaysforme :wave:
Dear Dorkdad,

I guess that I need for you to keep me posted on your do's and don't's. If you decide to go another route let me know. It isn't that I am too cheap to buy the book but I will probably be paying for the 9 weeks of IV for the next 1 - 1 1/2 years. No joke! Do the Jernigans take the approach that takemylife is doing at all. I think that on top of the silver his approach is starting to help me. Of course as soon as I say that I'll probably get worse tomorrow. I swear that when I say something good is happening it's like I jinx myself and slide back. I may not tell anybody when I'm really getting better for 6 months after the fact! :D I really do think that takemylife is on to something as far as cleaning out your entire system to get rid of the die-off and get your system to take on nourishment.
Keep me posted and have a great week. Hopefully Amber will check in with some good news.

PS By the way you asked before about how family is handling this. I'm pretty sure everybody is as tired of it as I am but the kids are out on their own and the younger one stops by and is probably more concerned than the rest. My husband has had to learn how to shop at the grocery store and no longer complains. In fact he's starting to think of things that I hadn't put on the list. For a long time he was very impatient but I think he finally realizes that I'm doing all I can. If he wants to gripe anymore he pretty much talks to himself about it I guess because he knows it just adds more stress. All in all I have to say we are hanging in there and after 37 years of marriage probably appreciate each other more than ever before. I am starting to worry about him though - he now grocery shops and he's really into desperate housewives! :D I don't even watch that. He just thinks it's funny I think. He was trying to explain to me tonight what's going on in the show. What more could a woman ask for?
Boy, the PS ended up being longer than the thread.

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