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I too am having regular massage and some is for lymph drainage. I did have one bout of serious diarhea after one of the earliest sessions. I did read that correct LD massage is very light and I'm not sure if my friend is doing correct technique or not as we are also doing a lot of pressure point massage, deep tissue massage, etc. Yesterday, she found bi-lateral knots on both sides of my low neck/upper shoulders and worked both out... ouch, but good ouch.

The one thing you said/described that I so honed in on was the fast onset of deep depression. I have two of those since lyme symptoms began in late fall. And already on meds for mood disorder, I knew these two bouts were 'different'. Came on different, my sleep and dreams were affected, my thoughts at night that were in that pre-sleep state were bizarre and the depression was gone as fast as it came - woke one morning as presto - no sign of it... too weird.

Mine was not associated with massage but I do believe associtaed somehow with lyme. You sound like the lymph drainage massage has just truly 'upset' your entire system, not in a bad way, but just really thrown you. Try to care for yourself objectively, like you would if this was your daughter having these symptoms, or a good friend.

It's like more than toxins are being released... but a good shake up may be healthy. I will be praying for you. Keep us posted, cj

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