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Dear takemylife,

I was about to send you a mother type thread and make sure you are okay.
I'm doing okay. Still doing your protocol and the colloidal silver. I have to call the homeopathic today and see if he wants me to continue because I will be out before the weekend is up.

I am trying to do some weight lifting with ankle weights. Anything to build up those muscles in my legs. I'm sure part of my walking problems is that my leg muscles have gone to h***. But I'm also sure that the lyme is contributing too. Three times a day I lay the weights over my ankle and lift each leg 50 times. I had been putting my leg over the arm of the couch to do this but discovered that it seems to be more productive if I cross one leg over the other to do it because my foot ends up being closer to the ground. At least it hurts more! :eek: I hope to increase this and gain more strength. I'm sure you know what I am talking about since you are a body builder. Sometimes during the day I can walk normally and other times I just stiffen the right leg. I don't know why I do this because it's not pain or anything like that. Hopefully it won't become a habit.

I hate to even ask but I will anyway . I'm sure that taking the enzymes and green capsules that I am cleaning out my intestines but the strangest thing has been happening. When I have a bm it is almost fuzzy. That's the best way to describe it and it is either cleaning me out or has something to do with the lyme coming out of me. Of course I would like to think the latter.
I hate to even discuss this because my friend and I have a running joke that you know you are getting old when you start discussing size, color, and texture of your poop. I guess I'm getting old! :eek:

I am doing a few more things around the house. Not moving any better but just more motivated. It takes a whole day to clean a room but at least I want to do it. I think attitude really plays a big part in recovery too so I have to keep mine positive. Believe me you have helped in the attitude change and I thank you for it.

I'm so glad you can manage on your own with the wife gone and can get back to enjoying your kids. I'm still waiting for grandkids and my son has finally found a nice girl in Alaska. He was the only one married but when he was in South Korea he called here panic stricken because he couldn't locate his wife in Biloxi where he had been stationed. We were ready to hop in the car and drive over there to see what was going on when he finally found her after 3 days. She was really enjoying herself while he was gone so I guess I can be thankful there were no grandkids at the time. Someday! :D

Continue your improvement and keep me posted on all of it. I will do the same.


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