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Hi takemylife,

We haven't heard from you for a while and I was just making sure that you are still doing great. I hope it is still days in the park with your kids and good health. We are all hanging on your progress.

I'm sure you have seen that I am now on colloidal silver besides your protocol. Don't know if homeopathic will stick with this or eventually go on to saventero. He was impressed with your threads and progress and has started a lyme file at his office and you are in it. Never thought you would be published, did you? I'm doing all I can to keep the alkalinity up but it still wants to fluctuate. I guess it's the lyme. I even ate brussel sprouts last night. YUCK! My husband loves them and enjoyed telling me to eat up.

I'm looking forward to better days too. Feeling kind of blah right now but had a few good hours today. Nothing really better just a feeling. Will take a detox bath tonight and use peroxide/epsom salt combo and maybe that will pick me up. I probably should take more than I do.

Again, hope everything is bright and sunny for you. I'm sure your kids like having DAD back. :D

Hey takemylife,

I sent my husband out for the detox stuff and he came home with enough for a week anyway I think. I was sure I wasn't doing it enough and from your post now I know that for a fact.

I talked to the homeopathic's office today and they will keep me on the colloidal silver for another week or so (actually another bottle). He wanted me to be off of it for 2 -3 days before I come back to see him again. It must have something to do with the magnet readings. I guess if you have it in your system it won't show whether it is beneficial to you or not.

After reading your thread I decided to double up on the probiotic too. I know it can only help. I think I will take the second one at bedtime and then at least it can put some good bacteria in me during the night. I haven't noticed that I feel worse after the probiotic but have noticed it after the colloidal silver. In fact today within 10 minutes of taking it my legs were on fire. Maybe this is the bacteria trying to get out.

I know that yesterday I got almost like a small blister (definitely not a pimple)under my left eye and didn't do anything to it and today it is gone. Of course I say small but if I had had to go out in public it would have seemed huge! Maybe this is starting to work somewhat like the cat's claw did for you. Do you think when the legs burn like that I should be jumping into a detox bath? Maybe when these feelings like something is happening is what you mean by overload and I just never put a name to it. It's funny because right away the legs burn and do so for quite a while and then a few hours later I have absolutely no energy whatsoever and then gradually it picks up. Of course then it's almost time to take the silver again. Vicious cycle!!

I'll let you know how it goes with the baths and see if it works for me like it did for you. Let's hope so. :D I'm also glad you put a time frame to it because you wonder just how long before you can expect to see something.
As long as it gets better, even on the smallest scale I will be happy.

One thing I have to say, my poor husband is starting to see what my life was like before I got sick. I swear that before if I sent him to the bread store he probably would have come home and said he couldn't find it. Today he actually found the epsom salt and the hydrogen peroxide. Of course he probably wouldn't have wanted to go to the store except he had no lunch meat or iced tea. Before he left we had to really narrow the needs list down and he wants to know if I'll be okay so I can go next week. When I do go I make sure I have enough for at least 3 - 4 weeks so if I'm down he can handle the short list. What a guy! :p

We did have a discussion about what I can and can't do and I was telling him that I hate not being able to go grocery shopping by myself and it takes forever to clean a room. But then I told him the more I thought about it I now wonder how in the world I did all I did before. I don't think he wanted to hear it. :nono: I'm amazed that when we first moved here we just had one child and before you know it we had a 4 year old, a one year old, and a new baby. No family to help but it was okay. I must have been really organized.

Hope you are having a great day. Enjoy those kids. :bouncing:


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