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Please give me feedback if you think this could be lymes, My main symptoms now are excess mucus (sometimes coughing up rust colored phelgm)and abdominal cramping in the morning...I also got nerve tremors recently (past month or so) I did have an eye occlusion back in august of last year w/swollen retina...he first suspected lyme, but the lyme titer came back negative, I had another test for lyme and that one came back negative as well. It was the one that from what I read is not very reliable test but the Docs think it is. All other bloodtest came back fine except positive ANA which rheumatologist say i do not have lupus. I do get random blurry vision in both eyes a few months after the occlusion which still happens. Fatigue in the afternoons. From my research I would say its either MS or lyme, and my MRI came back fine for MS. Any recommendations for lyme doctors?


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