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Hi vs1988, welcome to the board! I am sorry you have been sick for so long.

You have had a positive Lyme test, a bullseye rash and yme symptoms--you need to be treated. The rash alone merits treatment. No Lyme test is completely reliable. Regarding the Western Blot test, the CDC requires a large number of bands to show for it to be positive, but many Lyme doctors focus on which bands show. Results can also vary by lab. Tests should be run by a Lyme reputable lab. Besides Lyme disease, ticks can transmit several co-infections. It is important to be tested for these also because many people who have Lyme are co-infected.

I also suggest that you have a complete thyroid panel done. When was your thyroid tested previously? Request that in addition to the tests you had done, also get the Free T3, Free T4 (in addition to T3 and T4), and thyroid antibody tests. These are not usually run but are necessary for a complete view of your thyroid. Realize that even if your test results are in the normal range, they may not be optimal for you. When you get these tests done, post your results and I will try to help you interpret them. Sometimes people have Lyme [I]and[/I] thyroid disorders.

It is very important to see a Lyme knoweldgeable doctor. If you tell which state you are located in, I will tell you of the closest Lyme doctor to you that I know of.

Are your parents aware of all of your symtpoms, the rash and the positive test?
Hi, Jon...I seem to have a bottomless list of questions for you. Hope you don't mind, but I'm truly interested.

I just saw your post to Vince. I don't know of anyone else who is confined to a wheelchair because of Lyme. Do you know why the symptoms were so severe for you? Is it brain-originated? Was it gradual or very quick over the 4 years?

Thank you for all your's always appreciated. :wave:
Hey Jon,
I thought I remembered you saying you now saw Dr. S. I hear good things about him... Yes I am sure the drive is much easier. So glad you found someone closer. Does Dr. S have a better bedside manner than Dr. B?

Did the mepron do anything for you? I swear these diseases take so long to treat. We will all look back on this one day and hopefully very soon.

I am still going round and round with the vet over the dogs. I have been in treatment for two years and they cannot get it that a dog is no different than us.

My bart/lyme girl was just retested and the bart numbers have not changed. Vet thinks it takes a long time even after treatment for the test to show no infection. Please... give me a break. I do not know how people do it with children.

Thanks for the update Jon. I cannot wait until you post some very positive improvement. Keeping you in my prayers along with so many others. Have a great weekend.

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