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Dear ChuckChuck,

Actually it isn't depressing. I myself am doing takemylife's protocol and my homeopathic is adding colloidal silver right now. This costs me less than $50 a week. The Rocephin IV I was on for 9 weeks was $4065/week. That's depressing! :eek: I admit that I started to see some minor improvements on the IV but since going on orals - nothing. I was just doing takemylife's protocol and not detoxing regularly with the baths and now after two days in a row with the baths today is a decent day. I even went outside and picked a few weeds. In the last 6 months I have not even stepped outside my door except to get in the car to go to the doctor or trudge through the grocery store. And even then I pray I can check out and get to the car and this is with my husband along. I pray that this will keep up and I will reach takemylife's level of health soon. I would rather take a detox bath and some supplements for the rest of my life than be swallowing all the meds since no one seems to have the silver bullet just yet. You need to search out what will be best for you and go for it. Who knows I may even end up back on antibiotics but really want to try what I am doing for now. Good luck!

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