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Dear trust1,

I have had the vision problems also but just in the left eye. My primary care doctor gave me valtrex a few years ago thinking maybe I was fighting a virus because we didn't even think lyme. I had a severe reaction to it and lost the vision in that eye. The neurologist and opthamologist doused me with 1000mg steroids (IV) for 4 days to help clear this up and tried to convince me it was MS. I don't have MS, I have lyme. The vision got a little better in that eye but will never be the same as the other eye. I'm sure this was just a one in a million chance that you would have a reaction to this drug but I guess I was the millionth one. Unfortunately it really made the lyme go crazy because they were suppressing my immune system, a real nono for lyme patients.

The muscle twitching is pretty much a lyme thing too. Mine is just in one leg or the other at any given time. It stopped after the Rocephin IV but came back when I went on orals. One of our fellow threaders says this is from lack of magnesium. I have been much better since I started taking magnesium each day but think I have overdone it because I'm also doing detox baths with epsom salt which contains magnesium. I guess on the days I am going to do the baths I will forego the pill. It may just be coincidence but the twitching drove me crazy last night after the bath.

Supposedly these things will go away when the lyme does so we just have to deal with it as best we can. Good luck in your healing.

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