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[QUOTE=trust1]I go in to the doc and just ask? I'm not sure is it the same ELISA test or is it a different test igenex does? Please explain thanks![/QUOTE]
Hi, Since my own family doc was a huge pill about my having blood work done, I went to a local quick care facility. I asked for a doc who would be willing to draw the blood for Lyme testing & send it to a lab I wanted it sent to; Igenex. I was lucky enough to get a doc who was willing to help me.

Prior to going to the quick care facility, I phoned Igenex & asked to leave a message for Dr. Nick Harris; her returned my call. I told him what I was up against, I was having to gather all the necessary info myself, including downloading & printing all the forms having to do with the blood work that would be sent. He gave me the names & I think the numbers of the tests to have done to "get the most for your dollar". The money has to be paid upfront for the testing. They send you the paperwork to send to your insurance co. Then it took about 4 weeks to get the results back.

If your doctor isn't willing to help you, then find someone who will. The tests are different from the Elisha. The Elisha is known to not have very good test results & actually from what I've read, Elisha is only good if a person has just been infected, about 1-1/2 mths. If you've been infected longer than that, it will come out negative. The tests Dr.Harris said to do first were the Western Blot IgG & IgM & the PCR which is different from the Western Blot.

They're the best, in my opinon & of many others including the medical professionals.

Good Luck, Ruth H

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