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I hope this post finds you all enjoying the blossoming spring.

I never remember a tick bite. My rash comes and goes (no bulls eye and is itchy) and my knee joint pain has never returned after the winter of 2003-2004. My neuro symptoms are disabling: feel 'drunk' every minute of each day, I don't behave like I used to and I have no sense of balance.

Due to the doctors trying to find out what is wrong with me over the past year, I was on months of antibiotics and steroids before being treated for lyme. I know this can skew test results but I find myself discouraged by the Igenex results that I waited months to be tested for.

On 2/16/05, I was tested by Western Blot by a NJ lab:
IgG band 41 positive
IgG band 58 positive

On 3/16/05, I was tested by Western Blot by Igenex:
IgM band # 18 ++
IgG band # 41 ++++

My co-infections test was negative, liver and thyroid test results look normal but my white cell count is high so my body is fighting something.

I find myself second guessing the Lyme diagnosis and I am angry and sad.

I'm tired of looking for a diagnosis and a cure. I've been feeling bad neurologically again after a brief 2 week respite of feeling better and that also has got me down (as well as finding out I'll be laid off soon but that's for another post).

Thanks for reading.

Has anyone else had a circumstantial diagnosis?

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