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Testing is a little more complicated that just requesting a test. Your doctor needs to know what he is doing. I would suggest going to a Lyme dr to get the test. Let me give you an example of my test. I was put on Zithromax (because I am allergic to the more preferable meds) before testing. The idea being in later stage Lyme the bacteria are hanging out in muscle tissue and joints thus a blood test will not detect them. The antibiotic will make the bacteria's life miserable thus making them leave muscle and go into the bloodstream and flushed out through the kidneys so the Lyme *** BLOT Assay (LDA) Antigen which is a urine test down on days 3,5 & 7. But there are many other tests IGeneX does which I can't tell you if you have to be on meds first to drive them out. My friend was negative on the *** BLOT, but came up positive on the IgM Antibody Serology test which she was told often shows hidden Burgdorferi. There are also PCR & IgG & IgM antibodies for Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis & Bartonella Henselae. Can you tell this gets complicated and also takes an experienced doctor to interpret?

Maybe someone else can explain better. But really if you want to waste less time and money go to an experience doctor. Most PCP do not have a clue because this is not taught in med school.

PS: I have no idea why my post is having words censored. Since when is that three letter word a bad word? LOL

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