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I just with through ZithroHell last night. I think I have psuedomembraneous colitis from the Zithromax. About a month ago I took a Z-pack for sinus infection and after I stopped taking it I started having sharp abdominal pains. But I thought it was the Chromagen I had just started that was causing that well because Iron can cause constipation. Last night I started on the first 500mg dose for a 30 day course of Zith for the Lyme. I was in so much pain I wanted to die at that point. It was the same stomach pain I had experience on and off for the past couple weeks but more intense. I mean it was worse than the usual ABx stomach upset and diarrhea. According to the net the treatment for the colitis is Flagyl but when I called my LLMD this morning he called in Levaquin for me to try. The stuff is expensive and I have read some bad things about it so I am scared to go pick up the stuff. I want to ask my dr about using Samento as part of the treatment because of my allergies to several Abx and sensitive stomach.

I know Samento works, but as to which infection it is effective against I don't know. I took it for a couple weeks last summer when I became suspicious of having Lyme. The first couple days I felt pretty good, then I started herxing like mad and got off it. I was sweating, feeling dizzy and confused, started feeling achy. So I know it was killing some kind of buggie.

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