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I've posted this in another board without response and since i do suspect lyme as a possible culprit, I'd hoped for input from this end? My main complaint is painful feet, at this point, upon standing and exertion. My story is a long one but I feel I must share all to get help.

In October of 04 my feet began burning and down from my left knee. My knees also hurt unbelievably to kneel on. I couldn't stand to wear shoes, even socks. Thinking I needed some B vitamins I loaded up but the burning and tingling changed to pain by November in the ball of my foot when I wore shoes.
I'm on HRT, discussed with my OBGYN who found out my estrogen levels were low/ progesterone normal. So, we raised the estrogen thinking this a culprit.

By December I had an arthritic type feeling in my toes. If I squeezed my foot, it hurt or if I pushed sideways on them. There was a a rubber-band snapping-like sensation in my arch and a feeling as if walking on bone across the bottom of my foot (this still comes back at times). Also, I felt like little cinders were under my skin and sparking pain near my toes etc. A few rubber band snappy feelings in my left heel.

My OBGYN suspected stress fractures, sent me for a DEXA--hip and spine-- normal though. A Chiro worked on my legs (said I had 'pronation' problems when I walked) etc. but no improvement. The arthrtic feeling came and went more mildly in my hands.
By Jan.
my feet were feeling better when barefoot but it hurt quite a lot to stand for longer than a few minutes. Felt like string pulling in one place on left foot near heel, sometimes a tickly feeling in toes, popping in ankles and slight stiffness.
Feb--all improving.
I gave up on the HRT idea and saw anothe MD. 12 x-rays of feet and lower legs--all okay.
Bone scan suggested as stress fractures still suspected, but I thought this unlikely in both feet and without any contributing exertion, plus the DEXA results. Radiation is great on this exam and I declined. Physician was so condesencing that I decided to tough it out for a while though I did go see a Podiatrist and began to recall some odd incidents seven years ago when lyme was suspected.
I really didn't feel I got my whole story out before the DPM said he didn't think it was in my feet even though my ankles pop when I try to rotate them and it hurt to stand. He suggested that I should go back to my doc. March--went to see another physician who said I had neropathy and that it didn't make sense, that it couldn't be my back unless a disk was miraculously bulging equally on both sides. She suggested I had anxiety issues and to come back if needed. As per my readings on lyme and lingering fear I had her run a western blot from IGeneX. (This was quite a feat too)
Feet all the time were improving and all pain/ issues gone for two weeks --unless walking on pavement for any length--until this weekend when I did a little boating.
Rubber band snaps, tingling, cold feel when not cold, pain upon walking, especially standing on hard surfaces--all back but resolving ever so slowly with rest.

Before this ALL came on months ago I had a huge night of restless legs.(they hit me now and again). A few weeks before that I had a swollen feeling in one side of my head, floaters.
The Western Blot came back "equivical" which the doc said was negative.

We're back now to the previous doc and to getting an MRI for my lower back next week and is running a C-Reactive protein and Sed rate test even thogh I had both about one year ago as part of a regular physical. Sed rate--fine. C-Reactive moderately elevated. (I"m 40)
If I dont' use my feet they'll heal up and feel fine as long as I don't 'stress' things but it's getting me down. Also, emotional stress brings on aching in my feet and exacerbates the proglems.
Also, during all this stuff from Nov to Jan my tailbone hurt real bad to put pressure on but all the docs just ignored this. It's really when pressure's put my feet now that I have aching and if I strain them the other stuff comes back for a few days while I rest.
Sorry for all this stuff but I am hoping someone will have some ideas as I need to find a more proactive doc and get some answers or post in the right thread I"m not sure where to put this post. I work from home and can just avoid standing on my feet but I'm gaining weight, feel trapped and am unsure how to proceed. My significant other is also becoming quite frustrated. In short, my life is being dramatically impacted and not in a good way. If anyone has any ideas about if this is a 'foot' problem etc. please let me know or any suggestions on what to ask doctor etc.
Thank you

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