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Re: New diagnosis
Apr 28, 2005
Thanks to everyone who has responded to my post. You are a really compassionate group. That's something I'm finding in short supply recently. The doctor I go to? Not bad, but he seems afraid of the insurance companies--like he'll get blacklisted or something. The LLMD's have a horrendous waiting list so the guy I go to is going to hook me up with a rheumatologist, who can approve long term treatment for tick diseases. It's weird--if I had an auto-immune disease the dumb insurance company would pay for long term treatment. Maybe they think I'll quit my job or lose my job and I'll have to get Medicaid. I am taking Doxy, Zithromax, and Atovaquone (anti-malarial drug). I hope I can get some advice here about juggling them. Thank God my co-pay is $5 for generic and $10 for brand names. Does anybody know generic names for these meds? And does anybody have advice for Robert (my husband)? He's had Lyme himself, but is really scared of this triple whammy I'm dealing with. Is anybody else afraid of their family getting tired of them for being sick? But some things work out well. The animal hospital I work at. They just offered long term disability insurance last summer for $27 a month. Pays 2/3 of gross pay. I haven't used it, but now I'm glad I bought it.
Laurie--can you give me more info on this detox stuff? I've been drinking green tea because it's supposed to have those properties, but if there's more that I can do...
Sleeperwoken--Thanks for telling me about the sun sensitivity. One thing I forgot, though. A hat. I walked dogs the other day at work and got sunburn on my scalp.
Thanks to all of you for listening to my rant here. I don't feel alone anymore. I don't know any of you but I feel like you're all friends.

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