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Hi everyone again,

I forgot to add that Dr. Cunha looked at my Igenix Lab Reports and told me that because of my "bands", I most definitely have Ehrlichiosis, wow, 10 of my bands are very positive for Ehrlichiosis!

When I told him about the Rash I had in 1996, he asked me why wasn't I treated? I answered "because I met doctors like you" who sent their patients blood to the wrong labs.

He then asked me what I was hoping for by seeing him. I answered "I was hoping that you had enough knowledge about lyme disease to treat it aggressively".

This is an example of a doctor who loves taking people's money, telling them they have CFS, never giving them the option of having their blood sent to Igenix (yes, I asked, the answer was Insurance does NOT cover it).

When I talked to one girl in the waiting room who was really sick, I asked her if Dr. Cunha tested her for Lyme, she told me he never did. I felt so bad for that girl and wrote down alot of information for her. She was so grateful to me because I showed her there were other options.

Well, it was an exhausting day and I just kept limping on as my legs are not working too great. Had a long nap and today is just another chapter in my life. I'm glad I was reminded about these money-hungry doctors who have no compassion and are so close-minded.

I must admit that I am dissapointed as now the search goes on once again and I can hardly walk. I am just getting worse and worse.


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