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Hello all!

I had an appointment with Dr. E today and thought I would share. At my last visit, I was told to stop all abx and supplements.

The results from my urine test for neurotransmitter levels were not in yet- bummer.

The results from my bio-energetic test showed massive Borrelia b. infections in my brain tissue and 4 cranial nerves. The test also indicated that the best abx for me are Omnicef and Ketek.

Dr. E followed the recommendation of the bio-energetic test results and prescribed oral Omnicef @ 1200mg per day, and oral Ketek @ 800 mg per day.

Whew - that's a lot of medicine for one body. Anyone else ever get 2 abx's prescribed at once?

I was also started on Milk Thistle. I hope I can keep all these pills straight.

I've been feeling horrible again - "drunk", walking into things, quick to scream over the littlest things, foggy and dopey.

I started another chart to keep track of my daily feelings and to remind myself to take the pills.

Looking forward to a big ugly Herx to kick some spirochete butt. :cool:

Take care,

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