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[QUOTE=5labudas]well, my husband had his monthly follow up and they decided to take the picc line out and stop the iv rocephin. he's been on it for 2-3 months. His symptoms have gotten worse-nothing seems to be helping. He is still taking levaquin and another that i cant think of the name off hand but its in the same category as the rocphen. The doc didnt want tim to give up on the antibiotics totally, he said the diease (als) would overcome him if he stopped it all. We still have that small hope that he could have lymes but slowly coming to the realization that maybe it was a false positve reading or just some sensitive testing. It's so disappointing. We knew the als diagnosis would stick, but thought that since it was possible for him to have lymes to that all these medications would do something. His hands are getting so much weaker, and his fasicullations are spreading, mostly to upper body areas right now. Sorry to ramble on, just a very disappointing last few days.[/QUOTE]

You did the right thing in stopping the IV Rocephin. If he is suffering from a true Lyme Disease infection AND that is his ONLY problem, then he should be feeling much better by now. Rocephin is extremely powerful against the Lyme Disease bacteria, Borrelia Burdorferi, and its well known that the majority of patients will at least begin to feel better within 2-3 weeks of therapy. In my opinion, after 3 months of IV therapy and no improvement, I would seriously look towards an alternative diagnosis and/or treatment. I hope things work out well for you and your husband.

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