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Yeah Ticker I feel rotten. Trouble is I can no longer tell which symptoms are from hypo and which are from the as yet undiagnosed disease or virus. I also think some of the symptoms are from the tests themselves! I am full of iodine and contrast solution! Had my CAT scans Wednesday, no word as yet on the results. I am NEVER ever going hypo for a scan again, well at least not that hypo, I mean it was stupid for the endo to let it go so far! Why I can't just have the lab tests for Lyme and maybe cat scratch disease, (I find out now that I may have been exposed to some sort of sheep disease on a friends farm 2 years ago it starts with a B not sure of the name), before all these lymphoma tests is more than I can understand. It seems kind of silly to have all of these expensive tests when a few blood tests might confirm a differential diagnosis of lyme. Its all so expensive I mean in the last 2 weeks, I have spent over 20,000.00 for tests, good thing I have good insurance huh?

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