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(1) Does anyone have experience with the Bowen antigen based testing?

(2) Now that I have begun oral antibiotics, is it worth having the IGenex PCR testing on blood or CSF?

(3) What about their urine test?

(4) And is their Western Blot methodology better than the average Lab?

(5) Can Lyme symptoms go into remission for decades?


I live in Maryland, and have had many symptoms for 4 months that suggest Lyme..... all the usual ones (fatigue, irregular heartbeats, non cardiac chest pain, chills, muscle cramping, weight loss, face numbness, headache ....) EXCEPT joint pain. These symptoms seem to follow a cycle and have become debilitating for about one week out of 3.

I tested negative with Igg and Igm Western Blot. Tests done by Quest diagnostics. One reactive band (28 kDa).

Then I tested strongly positive with the Bowen antigen test.

My family practitioner then put me on 1000 mg Biaxin orally, which seemed to help cardiac symptoms and chills, but couldn't tolerate the stomach upset after 20 days, so she switched me to 1750 mg/day of Augmentin. She wants me to stay on this till I see Dr. Kenneth Singleton in June.

I had symptoms very similar to what I have now (but much worse) in 1983 for six months and they went away.

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