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I'm on a new treatment protocol (Ketek + Omnicef = 2000mg per day!) so I started a new diary of my health. I'm bad when it comes to remembering things but I will do my darndest to keep this one going.

I began to herx right off the bat with daily fevers but then on days 5, 6, 7 and 8 I suffered from the most painful headaches I ever had. Days 7 and 8 were the worst: constant sharp, intense, "curl-up-in-a-ball" kind of pain.

Today is day 9 and I don't have any headache at all.

My symptoms are mostly neurological, but they are severe and disabling - the bacteria have infected my brain something fierce.

I'm wondering if the abx I'm taking are finally getting to the brain tissue and have perhaps caused a brain-herx? :confused:

[I][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Evil laugh ... the thought of those stupid spirochetes dying off helped me get through the pain.[/COLOR][/I]

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