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Good luck on Wednesday DuPrey84. I hope they will continue your treatment longer. Four to six weeks is not very long for Lyme.
Hi DuPrey84. I am gald everything went well for you.

Some people do have gallbladder problems on the Rocephin, some do not. One way to minimize this is to pulse the treatment--for example infuse the med Monday through Friday and take the weekends off. Talk to your doctor about this.

Are you going to be taking an oral antibiotic also?
Gerribear did you get the penicillin allergy test done recently? I asked my allergist a few weeks ago and he claims the "components required for the test are no longer available". Whatever that means. I took penicillin once after a dental procedure as a teenager and got a bad rash. I was told I was allergic, but after reading up on it I realize it could also be allergies to the dye in the pill and that one can outgrow the allergy after 2 years of not taking it. My LLMD wanted to start me on PCN or Amoxi. I really want to give it a try because it is so much cheaper than Zith and my insurance won't cover Levaquin or IV's. It is really limiting my treatment options between allergies and insurance. I am allergic to Cefzil too which I understand rules out all cephlisporans.
What does the milk thistle do and how do you recommend using it? I've been reading the length of time everyone is on IV. My lyme PA suggested it might be 6 months? Are their side effects and do most actually feel better after treatment? I am at a stagnation point, not getting better, but not getting worse. She mentioned this as an option. I thought of waiting till fall, but, if it could help me, I would consider it by my next appt. in July.

I have a heavy load of meds this week, zith, septra, (I've been on both for a while, flagyl and diamox and klor-con. I feel overloaded with drugs. My ears sound like I have something very noisy going on in my head.

I'd be interested in your viewpoint.



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