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Hi DuPrey84. I am allergic to penicillin but had no problems with the IV Rocephin. Usually, a nurse or doctor will stay with you during the first infusion to make sure there is no reaction. How long will you be on the IV?

In case you did not see it previously, there is a sleeve available to cover the PICC line so you can shower without getting the site wet. It is great! It is called a PICC line protector and you can get it at Brown Medical.

Good luck!
I got the picc line put in this morning and had my first dose of IV Rocephin an haven't had any reaction to thank god. I was wondering if there is a risk with gall bladder problems while on this abx and if there are precautions that I should take.
Hey Duprey,

I'm glad everything went well with the picc-line. I know you were concerned.
Will you be doing it at home? I did for 9 weeks. Unfortunately I didn't know to use milk thistle to keep my liver from going crazy or I would have been able to continue for a while longer. Please use the milk thistle so you don't have this problem. I have since discovered that my sister-in-law uses it for gall bladder problems. I guess it does double duty. It's worth it just to be on the safe side. Good luck and I hope the Rocephin kicks some lyme butt. :D

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