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Dear BDFM,
Sorry the book is so expensive. I asked my wife to pick one up from our Naturopath not realizing the cost or I might have passed myself. Glad she bought it! Dr Jernigan devotes 31 pages of his 407 page book to chapters covering body temperature issues. He says he has noticed that chronic Lyme sufferers ( and other degenerative diseases) commonly exhibit low body temperature, or at least a very unregulated distribution of body temperature. This results in a happy home for viruses and chronic infections and is a sign of degeneration and gradual cell death. He states that a colder body leads to thicker fluids. For example, lymph fluids that are supposed to bath the outside of all our cells become progressively stagnent and less efficient. He elaborates on how the body becomes a toxic waste dump due to thickened fluids.

Related to your body temperature, I would not venture a guess as to what it means. Maybe this will help you interpret. Jernigan states that most human physiology books refer to the "normal" core body temperature as 97.0 to 99.0 F. His beleif is that optimal core body temperature should range between 98.6 and 99.6 F. When I started taking mine with a new digital thermometer, I thought the readings couldn't be right. He suggests taking your temperature first thing in the morning even before getting out of bed----this reflects your core body temperature. Some doctors may (mistakenly he says) tell you to take thyroid medication to get the temperature up. The body's warmest temperatures tend to be in the evening between 8-10, so take the evening temperature after having rested 1/2 an hour. In a healthy person there is an increase from morning to night of at least 0.9 F. Sometimes dysfunctional people will find the evening temperature lower.
Jernigan states we are dying in direct proportion to the coldness of our body. Follow this logic: Cells die in proportion to the depletion of oxygen. Blood that is over cooled (even one degree) is too thick to efficiently carry oxygen and the lung vital capacity is reduced leading to shallow breathing. This means that the oxygen to carbon dioxide exchange rate in the lungs is minimal. Now combine the degenerative effects of the oxygen deprivation and the cold temperature and the fact that all of this and the overgrowth of microbes promote an acidic environment and you have greatly accelerated degeneration = onset of life threatening disease.

So this confirms what we already know? What to do with it?
Tell me what you think so far before I ramble on.

My wife had some muscle testing done to try frequency matching some products she will take for a week. The practitioner's hocus pocus not only matches products but identifies amounts and time of day for consumption. Interesting that Samento was included but only one drop each morning. We shall see.

Foot bathes:
In a basin of warm water add 1 T dry mustard and 1 tsp cayenne. Soak 20-30 minutes. Supposed to stimulate the warmth organization of the body.
The contrast bathes are just 2 basins of water (hot and cold to your liking). I alternate 60 to 90 seconds in each ending with cold so that my feet have to warm up on their own. You can expect tingling when you go from the hot to cold. I soak 3 to 4 times in each tub (less than 10 minutes). You can add ingredients to the water if you want.

More really interesting stuff from the book and other experiences to share but enough for now. Keep me posted on the Saventaro.


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