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I wanted to come back to this book to mention two of the protocols we are using.

The first is the Ion Cleanse Detoxification (page 205) which is really a fancy foot bath. A device that generates direct current is placed in a tub of water with about 1 tsp of kosher salt. The array generates electrical ions in the water. Because the human body is 70% water, there is an interchange of ions into and out of the body that results in some ions binding with toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Many of these actually show up visibly in the water (gross looking). Water by itself will show some color change because (according to the author) 20-40% of toxic residues that show up in the tub of water represent toxins and heavy metals already in the municipal water. My wife has tried this 3 times now and will continue. It seems to cause headaches. She says she can tell now when headaches are part of detoxing whether from ion cleansing or other detox protocol. She says her body "just feels really weird".

Secondly we have plugged into Bio Resonance Scanning in the form of the QXCI. This computer program evaluates 8500 aspects of the body's electrical nature and translates them into many health related categories and treatment protocols. In my wife's first session, the program indicated that other issues needed correction first before Lymes could be addressed. The second session moved Lymes into the treatable category. However our main focus is SLEEP. We have great confidence in the competance of practitioner. Progress is incremental, so I won't sugar coat it. Others have mentioned Rife machines and various frequency matching products and teqniques. This device costs $13000 (13 thousand ), so if cost is an indicator, draw your own conclusions. Some of this makes perfect sense to me, some I just accept the possibilities.
As a side note I have used Tea Tree Oil to get rid of warts twice over the years on different fingers. It took daily topical application for about 3 months to totally and permanently rid them. That simple experience with warts has reminded me that natural products and body (mind and spirit too) building processes can succeed with consistency and time. That's my expecation for my wife first, then the rest of my family and myself.


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