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Dear All

I wonder if anyone can give me some advise about lyme disease i have been ill since october last year with a wide variety of symptoms i thought they were unrelated until i read about lyme disease my GP has done a lyme titers test which was negative but i heard this is not always acurate.

I live in the UK and last October i visited The Canary Islands while i was there i started with a rash down the side of my neck it had small raised bits in it and itched like mad. I had the rash for about a week and when i got back i went to see my GP who said it was most probably an allergy he prsecribed steriods and i took them for about 3 days then stopped as the rash seemed to ease.

aboput 3 weeks later i started to have panic attacks - not in the normal sence, it was a constant feeling of not being able to breathe i went to casulaty where all manor of test proved i was healthy, i was told it could be generalized anxiety disorder and told to have some councilling which i am in the middle of.

Since then i have had a variety of eye, sinus infections which i just cant seem to shake off.

about a month ago i started with a numb and tingling sensation down my left side with stange tingling sensations down my right arm, i had it solid for about a week and now it comes and goes with a cramp like feeling in my muscles and a pain behind my left eye. Ive lost my sex drive completely, always seem to be tired and keep feeling anumb sensation down my left cheek i also get a sort of buzzing sensation in my left side and face.

i saw a neurologist who said he didnt think it was MS - i was worried it was. i have been back to my gp and asked for a lyme disease test which i got it was negative however i was 4 days into a course of antibiotics for a sinus infection at the time. Could this affect the results?????

oh and i forgot to mention the terrible back and neck ache and my muscles feel so weak and achy all the time :confused:

sorry this post is so long im very desperate and confused.

Thank you for reading this
Michelle x

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