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Hello Derek,
I am sorry to hear that you have not recovered from this terrible disease.

My test results IGG IGM showed that I had Lyme disease. I saw Dr J . No small feat since he is 900 miles away.
I will not bore you with the many disasterous trips that I had going to the clinic. I mean the trip themselves nearly did me in. Then inurance did not want to cover. Then a lawyer wanted money to fight for my case. Finally after 3 months, I was able to start IV therapy on 11/18/04. Tomorrow 5/12/05 I go to the J clinic to have the Picc line removed. I have one remaining symptom and that is ringing in my ears. However, I am on oral antibiotics and will ask if that casues it.
Now, how to rebuild or enhance my immune system so my body can continue to fight of the disease? Well, I saw an infomercial on a Cancer. It was presented as a slick marketing, but I tried it anyway. The MD had cancer and fought it by a change of life syle. Reduce stress (Through Spiitual life), fresh air and exercise, Water (lots of it) sleep ( get to bed at 9:30 PM) a vegetarian diet and jucing.
She claims to have beaten Cancer with no Chemo or radiation. She actually shows ths orange size lump on her chest. She trashes the drug industry, the FDA and fellow MD's.
So that is how I beat it and hope to beat it some more.

Hope this helps

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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