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Thanks for the thyroid info. I was tested for Hashimoto last fall. I am having another free T3 and T4, TSH done soon. Like I said, my Lyme PA feels all the previous thyroid labs I have had done are in normal range and she feels aren't causing symptoms. I will have to figure out where I go from here, once I get lab work back.

Did I read in another post that you have had IV treatment? Did you have co-infections? My Lyme PA said I might need treatment 6 months. How long each day is the IV? Did you get relief from it?

This is a bad week. I am on Septra and Zith, not new to them, but I don't take meds on weekends. This is my Flagyl 5 days, plus, I started Diamox and Klor-con 10. The Diamox , a diuretic, is for the pressure in my head and ears that I have had for over 1 year. The PA thought this might help. The Klor-con is potassium. With all these drugs, my ears are ringing and roaring. It's very upsetting. My ears always ring, but have been much worse in the last year with this pressure and full head feeling. Plus, the tingling in hands and feet are worse. I have prickly feet, tingling face. I don't know if it's the new meds are the combo of everything. I am tempted to call doctor and see if I should stop. I doubt if this helps my problem anyway, but had hoped to stay on the new meds a couple weeks, just to give them a chance.

Back to the IV. The Lyme PA indicated the IV might help, as I am kind of at a stalemate. What do you suggest? I told her I would think about it for the fall, but hate to put it off it might help. I go back to doctor the end of July. I will be seeing someone new, as my PA will be out on maternity leave. I'm hoping, by getting another opinion or point of view, might help me, or give me more hope.

How are you doing and where do you stand in treatment? Are you on synthroid? What dose?


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