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Ticker, I brought my thyroid lab results to Lyme PA last week. She feels, with those lab results, my symptoms are not from thyroid. She was good about explaining the results, as my endo did not.

NCGirl, how are you doing? Where do you stand with your meds? Have you been to Huntersville recently? I had appt. with PA last Friday. I am still having most of the symptoms I had when starting treatment last Oct. We went over the symptoms I had listed at that time, and there are some small ones that are better. She said, if I feel kind of stagnate, I might want to consider IV. We really haven't discussed this and I don't particularly want IV treatment. Does anyone feel like it helped? I dread a pick, the hours a day it can take for IV and the months of treatment. I can't even think about it during the summer.

I will be seeing Susan on my next visit, as my PA will be on maternity leave. I really like her, but it will be interesting getting someone else's point of view.

I started Zithromax last month and will be on it for the next 2 months. I am taking it with Septra at this time, switching to Minocyn in a few weeks. This is my Flagyl week. I started with 1/2 this morning. I was given to new meds. Acetazolamide is a diuretic. She is hoping this will help with the pressure I feel in my head. I've had this feeling for over a year. I have to take Klor-con, potassium, too.

I take acidophilus mix and haven't had any stomach ailments with all the months of meds. However, after taking these 2 pills this morning, I had gurgly stomach and diarrhea. I think I will take these after lunch the next time and take an extra acidophilus. I am kind of frightened adding 2 more things to the mix. It's hard knowing what symptoms are from what.

I am also on Neurontin for elbow and shoulder pain. I have had this pain since Levaquin and have been off from it for 2 months. I have been on Neurontin 4 weeks with no relief. I was told I could add another 1 or 2 at bedtime. They do make me sleep better, but the more I take, the foggier I feel and now adding more meds to the mix...I just don't know if I am taking too much and if and what I should stop. My knees have been bothersome with Zith. I read on boards that dandelion might help. I think I have some, but never heard of it helping with joints. I also read in same post about Wobenzyme, never heard of it. Guess it won't hurt to check into it.

Anybody have suggestions?


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