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Hi Betterdaysforme,

I am assuming you are writing to me though I think I remember some time ago another Angela being on here. Anyway I will answer and if you get more than one of "us" answering all the better I would think. I'm trying to remember any discussions on kidney pain. I did get kidney region pain after being on Allpurinol for gout so stopped that, but don't remember posting about it. I am thinking maybe the pain you describe is the adrenal gland. It is very common with Lyme or fibro patients. An indicator is pain in the lower back when waking up in the morning when you know you have not done anything to strain your back. This pain signals your cortisol is dropping too low during the night. Adrenalcortex saliva tests are the only good measurement of this as the standard morning cortisol blood test is considered worthless as it only tells what your cortisol is at 8am but doesn't show what happens with your adrenals during the night. Great Smokies Lab offers the adrenalcortex test which your dr or naturopath must order for you, then they mail you a kit with all the supplies including a dry ice pack to mail it back in.

The milk thistle is good to take, especially since antibiotics are sometimes hard on the liver. I'm told it takes at least 6 months of continuous milk thistle to lower elevated liver enzymes. Two of my drs have told me to take it and to make sure it has a high content of standardized silymarin, otherwise it will not work.

As for the hot baths and hip pain I would suspect you have spirochetes hiding out in your hip joints and they were made very unhappy by the heat. Continue the hot baths, my dr says 102 degs F and if the hip pain is intolerable shorten the time you spend in bath or don't do it at all if you really can't stand it.

Candida is the proper medical term or Latin name for yeast infection. It is typically used to describe systematic infections of yeast. If you eat mostly an alkaline diet, the cloudy urine is simply phosphates and salts being excreted. If you have an acidic diet which most Americans eat, then the cloudiness is caused by something else. Other common reasons for cloudiness are excreting leucocytes, bacteria, red bloods cells; in men sperm and prostate secretions and in women contamination of the urine stream by vaginal secretions. (Sorry I don't know if you are a man or woman) Considering you are on ABX for Lyme I would suspect the cloudiness is bacteria and leucocytes which could actually be a good sign that the meds are working and getting the spirochetes out of your system. A good sign that you are drinking enough water is the color of urine first thing in the morning. Of course it is always a little darker in the morning than the rest of the day, but if it is really dark brownish yellow or even orange then one is dehydrated. If you excrete neon yellows and greens it means you aren't absorbing the vitamins you are taking which is quite common as many supplements are not made in a way that they absorb well. As for burning when you are otherwise quite sure you don't have a UTI, then it is often referred to as cystitis. Acidic diets and medicines often cause this. Ever notice it burns after consuming Italian or Mexican foods? There is a trick to stop this burning that I learned of in a self-help book for urinary problems. Now this should NOT be used if one has high blood pressure or is on any salt/sodium restrictions. Mix 1/4 of a teaspoon of baking soda is 16 oz of water. Drink within 1 hr and hold it as long as you can tolerate. It should not burn when you go because what it does is change the ph of the urine by making it more alkaline. Again most western diets are highly acidic. I urge everyone to research alkaline diets. One of my drs put me on cesium to alkalize the body. You have to take it with several other minerals or else it is very dangerous to mess with unless you have someone mixing it for you. My dr told me where to obtain it through a friend that makes solutions of cesium, rhubidium, germanium & potassium. It costs $200 for a 6 month supply so it is much cheaper to alkalize the body by eating certain foods, particularly green vegtables. There are websites with lists of foods to eat and avoid and what foods are high in potassium because without enough potassium cesiun becomes dangerous. Still I feel it is important to share this with others. If one researchs it, it is amazing to know that in 1920 cesium was found to be the cure for cancer. There is currently research being done at a certain university on this (even though it was discovered ages ago they are treating it like it is some new idea). I know of someone who has cured their dog's cancer with this and the vet is flabbergasted!

Probiotics are tricky. It appears others are told differently by their doctors so I can't say definitely what is right or wrong. But my dr told me to take probiotics 1 hour before or 1 hour after antibiotics. Here's what I do: since I must take thyroid medication at least 30 mins before breakfast I get up an hour earlier than I would otherwise then take the thyroid med along with Primal Defense since that probiotic states must be taken on empty stomach. I go back to bed for a hour, but usually the cat takes advantage of the opportunity to snuggle and get attention as I have a very 'needy' feline. After 1 hr I eat breakfast and take Abx which is currently Flagyl and Zithromax along with my arthritis med & other supplements. I try to snack a couple hours later and take Kyo-Dolphilis 9 with it as it contains different strains of probiotics than Primal and it says to take with food. Then have lunch and a Flagyl tab, then snack of yogurt late in the day because I have to consume calcium products no sooner than 4 hours after thyroid meds as calcium binds up the T3 and also calcium keeps Zithromax from absorbing. I have IBS which my LLMD suggests could be caused by the Lyme. I learned that taking fiber supplements helps with diarrhea and not just constipation. So I mix Benefiber in with the yogurt because it is tasteless and you cannot detect it in moist foods. I had an allergic reaction to Metamucil, actually it was anaphylactic shock and required an Epi-Pen injection, because it contains psyllium which many people are allergic to I later learned. I'm considering switching to acacia fiber, but that has to be ordered off the Internet. I try to take more probiotics before bedtime as I think it helps to allow them overnight to colonize the intestine without interference. I had been taking Wobenzyme for inflammation and absorbing the neurotoxins put out by the dying spirochetes; however with having to take Flagyl 3 times a day and probiotics it is too difficult at the moment to consume everything at appropriate times. Wobenzyme must be taken on empty stomach 45 mins before consuming food and cannot be taken with probiotics. Milk thistle is said to absorb better on empty stomach, but try timing that perfectly with everything else. I just do the best I can and don't worry about it. If you don't have much stomach upset then the probiotics are working and if you are herxing or feeling much better then the antibiotics are doing their job.

I don't take saventaro, but I believe it is similar to Samento which I have taken. I am not taking it at the moment because the liquid contains alcohol and you do not mix alcohol with Flagyl. I've been told putting a tincture in hot water will cause the alcohol to evaporate. It may help some, but I don't think it all evaporates away because I still taste the alcohol in Samento and some other I have tried. Nutramedix as far as I know has never said whether heat will destroy the Samento so I figure best to save that for when I am not on abx or at least not on Flagyl. As far as taking it long term I would pulse it, maybe take 3 weeks off at times to keep the spirochetes from possibly becoming immune. At some later date I plan to get back on Lauricidin after I have been on antibiotics for awhile I want to go back to something more natural. It did help me feel better 2 years ago when I was self treating for Lyme with it along with samento before I got a diagnosis. As for magnesium, it works wonders with muscle cramps and even some heart problems, but it will send one running for the bathroom especially if abx or IBS are already causing upset. It is a balancing act. I feel like my entire day is dictated by "what do I need to consume
next". But at this point it is worth it if there is any chance of getting better and getting my life back. I never got sick as a child, yet have spent most of my adult life till now sick and in pain because of a tick bite 11 years ago.

Hope this helps... Get well soon!

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