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TOA stands for chemical antagonists called tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids (TOAs). They act upon the central nervous system and inhibit the positive effects of the pentacyclic oxindol alkalois (POAs).POA's help the immune system. What exactly does that mean? You've got me. It's sientific mumbo jumbo but I know that TOA free is better than not. If you want more specific info. you can type in TOA free Samento into a search engine and probably come up with a good website. Sorry I can't tell you exactly which website I'm talking about. I started with 1/2 drop diluted in water 2x a day. Now, almost 4 months later I am up to 10 drops 2x a day. It's working it's way out of my nervous system. I can tell a difference. My memory is improving, I'm able to think clearly and organize. I'm able to handle things in a logical way. I have more energy. I'm far from being cured but I feel a heck of a lot better than I did 4 months ago. I haven't taken antibiotics along with the Samento. Samento has 100 pharmalogical actions within the body. It comes from a plant (cat's claw). My homeopathic doc. says that if I take antibiotics it will cause the disease to go intercellular, or hide within the cell and the antibiotics will not be able to find it to kill it. Lymes can change into any shape. It's very good at hiding. It hid from me until this past January and I still haven't been able to get a positive lymes test. I was diagnosed through biofeedback testing. I will be sending my blood to IgeneX soon just more for my peace of mind. I hope this helps. My sister-in-law is also taking Samento for Lymes and is improving. She's only had the disease for 3 years as compared to my 12-15 years but we are both improving.

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