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[QUOTE]Well just got back from my doctors, he took a look at the rash and told me If i had the exact rash a month from now, he would send me out for a bloodtest. But he told me its too early for Lyme I guess, something about the ticks, and lava or something, and I couldn't get it this early[/QUOTE]


You really, REALLY need to get yourself to a doctor who is Lyme literate. What that doctor told you is totally incorrect.

First of all, the presence of an erythema migrans is sufficient grounds for a Lyme diagnosis, even without the other symptoms you have, test or no test (although one would generally be done for confirmation purposes.)

Infection is can be disseminated through the bloodstream within days of a tick bite, sometimes even before the rash appears.

A neurologist with the State University of New York Stony Brook Campus, Dr. Patricia Coyle, has demonstrated that 67% of patients with an early rash also had Bb DNA in their spinal flluid, indicating that neurologic infection occurs very early in the disease.

These are SOME symptoms of early disease dissemination: period of inflammation and flu-like symptoms, such as headache, stiff neck, mild fever or chills, swollen glands, muscle aches, and fatigue.

If the symptoms accompanying the inflammation are severe, it could indicate that the person will develop recurring and serious illness in the future. Unforunately many people do not receive appropriate treatment at this point because the symptoms are not yet debilitating.

As the inflammation subsides, the accompanying symptoms may resolve on their own. But if the underlying infection has not been treated appropriately, the disease can progress- sometimes within a month, sometimes not for a year or more-to late-stage dissemination, when damage to mulitple body systems can occur, including heart, skin, joints, muschles, eyes, neurological, and more.

By the time these more severe symptoms appear, the disease is lodged in the body and can be difficult to treat as it will have had the opportunity to compromise many bodily systems.

Although Lyme has been found throughout North America, you are in one of the most endemic regions of the country.

I would really urge you to go and be evaluated by a doctor who is Lyme literate, and sadly the overwhelming majority of doctors at this time are not. If there is one thing this has taught me it is that one must be very assertive in taking responsibility for one's own health care. If you really persist, you will find answers.

Did you check the threads at the top of the page for doctors? Ticker, one of the senior vets from this forum, should be along soon and could give you the name of someone near you if you'd like.

Good luck!

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