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Hi Dave,

When I read your post about the rash on your leg that was completely circular, it reminded me that I had the same thing. Below my rash on my ankle (similar to the one you described), I noticed a thin black line going around my ankle bone just underneath my skin, also looked like someone took a pencil and drew it, it was very strange.

I had so many "local" blood tests done and every one of them kept coming back Negative. After over 100 doctors (and many of them thought it was all in my mind), I met a doctor who took 16 vials of blood from me, sent 8 to a local Lab and the other 8 to IgeniX Lab in Palo Alto, CA. It was Igenix that found my Positive Bands for Ehrlichiosis. I truly believe that if anyone is suspicious that they may be infected by the lyme bacteria, they should have their blood sent to Ingenix.

As other members said, time is of the essence as the longer one waits the worse Lyme Disease gets.

If I had your symptoms and history, I would most definitely go see a LLMD or if you can't travel, make sure your Regular MD sends your blood to Igenix.

I hope you feel better and keep on posting,

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