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Thank you so much for the advice. I really appreciate your taking the time out to explain things. I am so happy for Mark that he is feeling better. This illness is bad enough for adults and I think it is very sad that there are children having to deal with this. He sounds like a really nice young man. I hope he has kicked the Lyme for good!

I did have a question about using the baby shampoo. WHy? If there is nothing to wash out in the eye what are you using soap for? I find even the Johnson baby shampoo is irritating if I get it in my eye. I had a new herx symptom today. It kept feeling like a needle was being dug under the skin on one of my ankles. Has been going off and on all day and I was shreiking in pain while visiting with my friend who also has Lyme. She says its the neurotoxins. Does anyone else feel this? She told me that if she looks up at a bright light she now sees spirochetes in her eyes, you know how somethings you can see floaters. But she says they are little spiral shaped things moving around and this only started after being on Levaquin & Flagyl. Has Mark seen this? I'm afraid to tell anyone I know what I am experiencing because it makes a person sound like a psycho. It's really hard to explain to someone that it feels like your being bitten from under the skin and that you fill cockleburs scratching you when you climb under the bedsheets and there is nothing there. Then you swear bugs are on you.

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