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Thanks for you concern and prayers. Sorry I haven't posted lately. We moved two weeks ago and we just got our internet hooked up yesterday. I took my daughter back to the homeopathic doctor after a few days of the first treatment she gave us. It wasn't kicking the Bartonellosis. She decided to put her on Samento. 5 drops 2x a day. A few days after my daughter got bit, a rash showed up on my sons neck, who was the one that went camping, so I had him tested and he had Bartonellosis also. It hadn't gotten as far into the cell as my daughter, but her immune system was down from a virus and allergies. The doc. but my son on Samento also. We will continue the treatment for three weeks, maybe longer if needed. My son didn't have any other symptoms except for the rash but my daughter had a lot of green drainage out of her nose and eyes, and a cough. The drainage was gone within a day of taking the Samento. She's still really tired and has a small cough. This could be her allergies also. I think the tick was an adult dog tick from the pictures I've seen. My neighbor found a tick on her 4 year old sons head about 4 days after I found the tick on my daughters head. They had been camping at the same camp ground where my husband and son were. That place must have been tick infested, and he got really sick too. They took him to the urgent care because he had a severe fever (which is a good sign of Bartonellosis, also called cat scratch fever) and got him on antibiotics. She says he's doing much better. I'm just going to try the natural way first. We are on the mend, but I'm on the verge of Bronchitis right now. Hoping to keep it a bay so I don't have to do antibiotics. The good news is my Lyme disease is now outside of my cells. Yea!! I might get better after all. I'm excited about this news since I've been on the Samento for only 4 months. I will try to keep you posted. I'm going crazy with the move, and building a house, and sick kids, and my husband traveling. So I might not be able to check the board every day. I hope some of you are improving, I definitely feel like I am. I can't wait to get my immune system working again. I better go. My cough medicine with codine is kicking in. Thanks again for your prayers. Faith is sometimes the only thing that I can go on when I'm trying to make these decisions for my health and my families health. I pray a lot!!

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