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Hey everyone,
I saw my Dr. yesterday with results to test. I tested positive to Babesia comprehensive panel (B.Microti, IGG) I was in range 1:80. I also tested positive to HHV-6. So my positive test are as follows;

Chronic Sinusitus

My Dr. has put me on 3 weeks of Mepron 750mg, clindamycin 300mg, and zithromax 500mg. She thinks this may help, if not, I need IV treatment. Is there anyone out there who thinks 3 weeks of these abxs will help change a 2 year disability. After all I have been through in two years it is hard to believe anything will change the way I feel for the better. Does any one have any tips for taking these drugs other than eating cheese with the Mepron?

Does everyone here know that the Igenex test have not been cleared or approved by the FDA. This kinda bothers me. Regardless, I should have lyme because of my habits. When my office visit was over I figured since the Carolina Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge is only 45 minutes away I would take a walk around some of the ponds and see what I see. When I got done I searched for ticks and found three. I can tell you the names, common and latin, of almost every animal found in our country but I dont know squat about ticks. Maybe someone here can help me make an ID. Two of the ticks were a little less than a reddish brown with a light tan spot. These are very common in SC. The other was very small, about 1/8 and black. These are not as common but I have pulled 3 off of me this year. Even though I pull a lot of ticks off me during the year it has bee about three years since I actually had one lock onto me.

I must be retarded, to leave a LLMDs office and head straight for tick country.

This is a day after I wrote the above and I have found out a little about ticks.
I dicovered one on me last night and it was a small dark brown tick with black stripesthat you can only see with magnification. This is a deer tick, right. The larger more common one, red brown with cream colored spot is a dog tick. Is this right please correct me if im wrong.


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